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Wedding day  I Anita&Davor I 02, Aug 2019 I

Mid summer is usually the most reliable time of the year for an outdoor wedding reception. Warm summer night by the shore, light summer breeze… well, it just sounds perfect. Planing your wedding to the last detail is helpful, however, some things is impossible to control. Several days prior to the wedding a summer storm was announced. Summer storms are usually short and unpredictable so at first everyone dismissed it. Towards the day of the wedding chances for the storm increased and the uninvited guest came to the wedding reception. Luckily the bride and the groom were prepared for the worst case scenario. One hour into the reception the groom grabbed the microphone and announced the arrival of the storm. Everyone were to grab their chair and move it indoors. The staff took care of what was left and just half an our later we were set to continue with the celebration indoors. Everything turn out great and left us with a great anecdote. Few days after the wedding we did the photoshoot on top of the building and raised our glasses to surprises ahead.


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