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Wedding day  I Nikolina&Mate I 04,May 2019 I

Shooting in May, beautiful summer day, open air ceremony… sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Unfortunately, instead of a beautiful May weather we got a rainy day and change of plans. Umbrellas did their part, protected guests from the rain and served as a nice detail, hiding the happy faces of Nikolina and Mate, bride and the groom. Guests gathered in the wonderfully decorated Mirakul restaurant, where the bride and groom took their wovs surrounded by their family and friends. Beautiful and touching moments, full of emotions, that was not hard to capture. As Mate was placing the ring, Nikolina was eager to steal a kiss to a surprise and laughter of the guests, followed with a loud applause. The wedding reception took place in the Dalmatia hotel in Makarska. Post wedding shooting was done immediately after the main ceremony as the sun found a small gap in the clouds.

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