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Croatia Wedding

Welcome to my world of love, moments, and dreams! My name is Vjeko, a passionate wedding photographer from Croatia, and I am the face behind the brand Epic Pictures, based in Split, Croatia. My passion for art and love for storytelling bring me to you to capture your romance in a way that will touch you and take you back to the most beautiful moments of your wedding.

My vision as a photographer is to capture not only images but also emotions. Every moment, from tears of joy to laughter, I carefully capture to create incredible memories that will last a lifetime. My photos combine an artistic approach with a documentary style to capture the authenticity and beauty of each moment. Shooting weddings has led me to truly understand human emotion. When I photograph weddings, I feel even more connected to the couples and their families. I have learned to be an attentive observer and recognize subtle signs of emotion on people’s faces. Communication is also key – I talk to the couple before the wedding to better understand their desires and expectations so that I can capture their authentic love and happiness.

With my experience in wedding photography, I have gained a deep understanding of every detail and moment that makes a wedding special. Each new wedding event presents a challenge and an opportunity to create something truly unique and exceptional. My experience and skills allow me to adapt to different situations and shooting conditions, making you confident that I will capture every important moment.

When my clients reflect on our collaboration, words like “magical,” “emotional,” and “incredible” often come up. Thanks to my approach that combines spontaneity and artistry, I am able to capture the true essence of each relationship and wedding. The happiness of my clients is always my priority. Their trust and satisfaction are the greatest reward for me.

If you want me to help create incredible memories of your wedding, feel free to contact me. I believe in a personal approach and want to provide you with the best photography experience. I promise to bring you not only photographs but also a sense of magic and love that will last forever.

Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to showcase my work. I look forward to meeting you and creating artistic pieces that will bring you joy and lifelong memories.

Wedding destinations
in Croatia

Croatia has beautiful locations for weddings. Croatia is known for its natural beauty and diversity, offering stunning wedding venues. Here are a few popular places in Croatia that are often chosen for weddings:

Dubrovnik known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik is a historic city with a beautiful old town. Weddings in Dubrovnik are often held in stunning churches, palaces, villas, or even on beautiful beaches.

Hvar is located on the island of the same name, Hvar is known for its Mediterranean atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and picturesque old town. Romantic weddings can be organized in elegant hotels, luxury villas, or even in stunning outdoor spaces with a sea view.

Korcula is a stunning island off the coast of Croatia, famous for its historic old town, beautiful beaches, and vineyards. It offers a romantic and picturesque setting for weddings, with options ranging from the charming streets of the old town to scenic coastal venues and rustic vineyard landscapes.

Split in Croatia is a popular wedding destination known for its historic Diocletian’s Palace, scenic Riva Promenade, beautiful churches, and access to nearby islands. It offers a perfect blend of history, natural beauty, and vibrant atmosphere for a memorable wedding experience.

Brac is a stunning Croatian island known for its iconic Zlatni Rat Beach, charming town of Bol, panoramic views from Vidova Gora, and historical St. Stephen’s Monastery. Its olive groves and vineyards also offer a romantic and rustic backdrop for weddings.

These are just some of the places in Croatia that are popular for weddings, but there are many other beautiful locations that offer a unique experience for your special day.