“Hvar Dreams: Capturing the Essence of Weddings on Hvar Island”

June 13, 2020

When you are planning a wedding on the island, Hvar is certainly one of the most beautiful, picturesque destinations tailored for the occasion. This is a story about a couple that chose this beautiful place to start a new chapter in life, surrounded with their loved ones. It was a pleasure, both professional and personal, to be a part of this story. Hvar is a place where people coexist with the nature, where life happens at a slower pace, a place where romance lives in the air. Beautiful scenery, exquisite architecture and mesmerising locations have left us speechless. To stand on the edge of the fortress Fortica overlooking the city in the palm of your hand has filled us with adrenaline and excitement. It is just one of those places that makes you feel at home. And also, ice cream here is absolutely delicious.