“Whisper of the River Wedding: Unforgettable Experience Photographing at the River Source”

August 8, 2020

Getting to know the location before taking photos is always an advantage but finding yourself in an unknown location and being on the water in a traditional Neretva boat, keeping your balance while preserving your equipment dry is still a risky move and an unforgettable challenge. As we paddled separated to find the ideal location for the shoot it was impossible to communicate with anything but simple instructions in terms of direction. However, all the effort paid off and we created some of the most beautiful and impressive photos in the enchanting Neretva landscape. The beautiful details of the reflective light on the surface of the river and the golden glow of the sun that breaks through the beauty of the landscape created a romantic scenery and wonderful memories. This was a challenging adventure, worth the effort, which I would gladly repeat.