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Epic Pictures will provide a unique and personalised photography service tailored according to your preferences. As we take individual approach to each client, our stories never have the same plot. Getting to know our clients is the most important part of the process. We have a keen eye for aesthetics and obsession with details. Capturing ethereal moments in a most inconspicuous, almost voyeuristic manner is what we do best. We don't like the impose, we like to blend in. Years of experience allow us to plan steps ahead and get creative. What we do is our passion.

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Day of your wedding is filled with touching moments and strong emotions. The act of marriage represents a begining of a new chapter in a relationship, the crowning of love and the begining of the rest of your life in the arms of a loved one. This act is filled with moments of unconditional love and acceptance. The act of marriage takes real act in your heart.

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Epic Pictures will create a unique and personalised photography service that’s perfect for you.

What we do is our passion.

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