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Whatever your needs, Epic Pictures will create a unique and personalised photography service that’s perfect for you. Preserving those special moments and emotions in a natural way are what we do best. We are a team of professionals with years of experience, who will create tailor - made products according to your requirements and needs. We consult closely with our clients to assure that we provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Ultimately, our mission is to find out exactly what moments you want us to archive before and during your wedding, and our experience allows us to plan for those precise moments and offer creative suggestions based on our own professional artistic abilities. What we do is our passion.

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Day of your wedding is filled with touching moments and strong emotions. The act of marriage represents a begining of a new chapter in a relationship, the crowning of love and the begining of the rest of your life in the arms of a loved one. This act is filled with moments of unconditional love and acceptance. The act of marriage takes real act in your heart.

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Epic Pictures will create a unique and personalised photography service that’s perfect for you.

What we do is our passion.

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Jun 03 2019


Wedding day  I Nikolina&Mate I 04,May 2019 I Shooting in May, beautiful summer day, open air ceremony… sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Unfortunately, instead of a beautiful May weather we got a rainy day and change of...

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Feb 18 2019


Post-wedding shoot  I Matea&Antonio, 2018 I Hi. To describe some of the most memorable events in life it doesn't take much. Few sentences or maybe even words is enough... It is well known that picture paints a thousand...

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Wooden packaging for my clients
Jan 18 2019

Wooden packaging for my clients

This is photo blog about packaging for my client. I am so happy to share my new packaging. It has taken some time to pull it all together but it is finally done, more beautiful and natural solutions. Handmade wooden boxes with...