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Epic Pictures will provide a unique and personalised photography service tailored according to your preferences. As we take individual approach to each client, our stories never have the same plot. Getting to know our clients is the most important part of the process. We have a keen eye for aesthetics and obsession with details. Capturing ethereal moments in a most inconspicuous, almost voyeuristic manner is what we do best. We don't like the impose, we like to blend in. Years of experience allow us to plan steps ahead and get creative. What we do is our passion.

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Day of your wedding is filled with touching moments and strong emotions. The act of marriage represents a begining of a new chapter in a relationship, the crowning of love and the begining of the rest of your life in the arms of a loved one.

This act is filled with moments of unconditional love and acceptance. The act of marriage takes real act in your heart.

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Dear future bride, I have a confession to make. My name is Karmen, and in 9 years dating now my husband, I could not have a decent or nice photo with him because he was taking pictures or, even worse, posing for it. Until ... Well, lets start from the beginning. At our first meeting with Vjeko we talked for more than an hour. He is really experienced, he has had plenty of life-saving advice - and the best part of it - he will be your chill pill for the big day. Epic managed to capture every detail, every tear, every smile that you didn't even notice during that crazy emotional day. There were no posing, no artificial moments. And that is priceless. Then the wedding shoot. For me it was the most anticipated part of our photo journey. I honestly wondered I would survive the hours of having to be pretty for the shoot with my husband. Will he survive? Or will he again unintentionally photobomb every single attempt at a decent picture? Well, it's turned out to be more of having to be yourself than having to be pretty. I was laughing my ass off and my husband was actually enjoying it. Take it from me, I tried for 9 years and Epic managed to pull it off in an hour. Magic, I tell you. Then, after two months - the album and the pictures were done. Honestly, that is truly a work of art. Every single picture is either funny, beautiful or breathtaking. The album itself came in a beautiful package made of wood, burlap and lavender. A work of art in itself. Thanks to Epic, I had a blast at my wedding, I had a blast at the after wedding photoshoot and as a result I had the most beautiful photos of my family. I do have one problem though. It has been two months since I got the photos and I still can't decide on the five photos to frame on my wall. Just leave you with just one piece of advice. Well, a few of them. 1. Book Epic ASAP, 2. Listen to Vjeko's advice, especially about the locations of the after wedding shoot, 3. Take a deep breath and enjoy yourselves. You can thank me later, love, Karmen Karmen&Jadran
Our experience with Epic Pictures was more than excellent. From the very beginning Vjeko’s approach to us was friendly, comfortable and relaxed from the beginning. It was a pleasure to work with him. His professionalism and spontaneity delighted us, because through the lens he captured every emotion and turned it into our beautiful story and fondest memory. Once again, thanks a lot for everything and we definitely recommend Epic Pictures. Tere&Gigo
From the moment we got to know Vjeko it was the perfect match, it may sound a bit cheesy but true. His friendly approach, professionalism and unobtrusiveness won us over immediately. He immediately became part of the "team". During the wedding day he was our "third eye". He discreetly captured all the moments without spoiling their uniqueness and spontaneity. It was a pleasure to have him with us on our special day. Photos are all we wanted, and more than that; elegant and yet spontaneous. Thank you for all your hard work, support, wonderful moments and emotions forever preserved in the photos. Our recommendations to everyone, sincerely and from the heart. If we could do this all over again, we would surely choose EPIC PICTURES. Helena&Kruno
We cannot emphasise how grateful to have chosen Epic Pictures, an we sincerely recommend Vjeko as a professional and a person. Quality work, easy communication and great ideas. Always one step ahead of the others. Nera&Tomislav
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Epic Pictures will create a unique and personalised photography service that’s perfect for you.

What we do is our passion.

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